Biostatistics Consulting

Biostatistics Consulting – General Information
Statistical support is available for School of Public Health faculty and students. This includes assistance with statistical aspects of grant proposal preparation, research study design, determination of sample size, randomization, data management, statistical modeling, data analysis and interpretation, and statistical software assistance. Inquiries at any stage of a study are welcome. However, consultation during the planning stage is recommended and preferred.

Requesting a Consultation
Biostatistical consulting is available to all GSU SPH faculty and students conducting research. In order to better serve your consultation needs, please complete the online statistical consultation request form. This form only needs to be completed once per project. Once completed, you will be contacted to schedule a meeting. Please plan to share relevant study background materials prior to the initial consultation.

The online statistical consultation request form is available here: LINK

Other Information
Short term assistance is provided as a free service to School of Public Health researchers. This may include a one-time consultation or a series of meetings. However, in cases where more extensive long term statistical assistance is required, additional funding may be needed to cover additional time and support.

Assistance with statistical aspects of grant proposal writing is available. In cases of substantial contribution, it may be possible and/or appropriate to include the Biostatistician as a co-investigator or consultant in your proposal.